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10 Most Unusual Accommodation Options in Scotland


One of the most daunting tasks in traveling is choosing a hotel. Whether you’re a first-time traveller or an experienced travel guru, you should know that the process of choosing an excellent place to stay during your travels or vacation can be frustrating and time-consuming. Sometimes, you may select a hotel that is not up to par. The room may be dirty or unkempt, the staff may be rude, and the overall experience may be a negative one—but do not worry! In this guide, we will explore all the possibilities when it comes to choosing an exceptional hotel for your travel experience.

Walking the Walk

The first option is for the lightly-packed, low-budget traveller. Backpackers often choose this option above all others. Walking from hotel to hotel in the tourist district or CBD is a great way to get to know an area. Get a breath of fresh, seaside air. View the beautiful, countryside scenery. Take a look at the markets or the malls in the surrounding areas. You can explore different booking options without the need for purchase. Just walk right up to the desk and ask the clerk to show you a room and quote a price for a nightly stay. No matter what your booking preference, there is usually an option available for you.

Booking Websites

There are many booking websites available by doing a simple search online. These sites have great offers and deals for almost any budget level, and they provide reviews and photos of hotel properties across the world. The biggest problem with these websites is that they charge a premium, and they often ask for payment upfront with no refund option. These websites, however, are used by many travellers around the world. These websites are indeed one of the best ways to find bookings you never even knew existed until you visited the booking website.

Booking Through the Hotel Website

Booking through a hotel’s website is often a great way to get deals that wouldn’t be available otherwise. For example, you can get a great deal on the Ballarat hotel since 1875—the Lake View Hotel that provides excellent service to customers across the globe. The only way to find a great hotel via their online site is by doing a search on a web search engine such as Google. When you search, be sure to include your price range (i.e. $70 per night) and your check-in date (i.e. September 19).

No matter what your traveling situation is, there is always a hotel option for you. Each option has pros and cons, benefits and downfalls. In any circumstance, you are guaranteed to find a hotel that is right for you. Simply follow the advice in the guide above, and you will be sleeping comfortably in no time. From the thrifty backpacker to the vacationing millionaire, there are thousands of options just waiting for you to try out. No matter what, have a safe and happy journey.

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