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What to Expect from a Minicab Service in 2017


The London minicab service does change over time. Usually, it is not something that you notice or that affects your ride. Changes to licensing and classes, as an example, are not impactful on the overall experience of the riders. It will, obviously, change the drivers’ experiences and needs, but that does few things for the riders themselves. The same applies to this year. For drivers, several changes have occurred. However, for riders, these changes will not do anything to alter the ride or the service. You can continue to expect the same excellence and quality that you have come to associate with the London minicab.

Down to Basics

The basics of the London minicab service do not change for 2017. You do not have to worry about new rules or regulations affecting your commute or your need for a London minicab at any point. If you current rely on a London minicab for travel, or hope to use one when in London, your ride will meet your expectations fully.

There are some minor differences, but they do not do much for the riders. New licensing is important as you might want to know if the driver is up to date. Other changes, such as class changes with vehicles, may affect your accessibility or usability to certain types of minicabs. The recent changes affect the drivers far more than they do the riders.

Even with all of this, the riders may want to remain aware of changes in availability. Minicabs have to compete with Uber and similar services these days, making it harder for them to succeed as they once did. However, there are still a lot more cars on the road these days. Due to this, the commute times have gone up for these services, longer than they have been. This is because so many services are available and on the road, adding to traffic and to times to get to your destination.

For the Drivers

The drivers will have a few changes to keep in mind for 2017. Changes in the licensing are the biggest out of all of them. The requirements and process for the testing have changed, and only applications that follow the current form are accepted. These are basic changes that will not result in a stricter hiring process or the inability to get a license if you were previously acceptable.

Changes in vehicle classes, taximeter, printers, and maximum fare are all there, too. You should learn more about these changes if considering becoming a London minicab driver.

No Big Changes

Overall, the London minicab service will remain the same. The demand may change slightly due to Uber and similar services being around, but the minicab service itself is everything you have come to expect from it. If you enjoyed the service a year ago, or a few years ago, you will have the same basic experience. They continue to look towards excellence, attempting to do better and raise themselves to higher standards. For the riders, that is all there is.

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