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Sapo Tofu Recipes


Sapo cuisine oriental tofu tasty and delicious. To you who are on a diet, but want to consume the food tasty and nutritious tofu sapo is the answer. Sapo tofu is one of Indonesia’s Recipes processed by boiled. Sapo tofu including food comes from the land of Japan, which is now increasingly popular in Indonesia society. Because the food is classified as food was so delicious and tasty to be served with the family. Although sapo tofu is derived from the land of Japan, but the food is certainly one modified again by the taste of Indonesian society. Sapo tofu palatable along with Egg Fried Rice Spicy or Liwet fluffier rice dishes Delicious and other Indonesia.

Sapo Tofu
Actually there are many kinds of sapo tofu recipes that we can try, namely sapo tofu mushroom, tofu sapo sapo seafood and chicken. Why food that one is very suitable for people who are dieting? Because processed food consists of various vegetables and tofu are very nutritious and well taken for people who are dieting. Tofu is also very good for digestion and metabolism. Therefore, if you are bored with the menu dishes that’s it could try a dish of food typical of Japanese land this one.

Compared fast food, processed sapo tofu with simple dishes are very appropriate to be used as dishes for today. Sapo tofu is delicious and simple meal, and warm the body when consumed. Although the food menu is quite impractical, but the dishes this one has a high nutritional value. Sapo tofu food contains high nutritional value, found in chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables contained therein. Sapo tofu is also very good as food for your child. Sapo tofu recipes are tasty and delicious will we give to you.

Sapo tofu tasty and delicious, perfectly suited as a complementary food rice was delicious, tasty and nutritious. A blend of shrimp, chicken, tofu and mushrooms not only create combinations of flavors so savory and delicious, but also can meet the nutritional needs of the body. Well, for those of you who want to try this tofu recipe sapo, it could try to follow the steps of manufacture which we’ll share below. How, increasingly curious about the food sapo this tofu? Let’s look at the making below:

Materials / Seasoning:

100 g button mushrooms, you can also wear a scallop mushroom with good quality.
2 pieces know Japanese or silken tofu, then cut at will according to taste.
200 chicken were still fresh, can also use chicken fillet and cut as desired.
2 leeks, cleaned and sliced.
2 eggs onion, peeled and cut to taste.
2 bunches of fresh mustard greens, wash and then cut as desired.
3 carrots, peeled and then sliced by taste.
4 tbsp oyster sauce.
2 tablespoons fish sauce seafood so typical of her increasingly felt.
2 cloves garlic medium size.
4 tablespoons soy sauce quality.
Ground pepper to taste.
Sago flour as needed.
Enough water.
Salt to taste.
Right amount of oil.
Margarine or butter to taste.
How to make:

Prepare a large container, then enter the corn starch that has been prepared.
After that, enter silken tofu and back and forth until all the parts covered by corn starch.
Prepare the pan then add the oil and heat using a medium heat. Then fried tofu that has been wrapped in flour before until cooked with brown color change. Back and forth in order to more evenly ripening. Lift and set aside.
Prepare another pan, then add the margarine into it for sauteing. Add garlic and onion and saute until aromatic.
Add chicken fillet and then back and forth until half cooked, until it changes color. Then pour just enough water, and stir briefly until the ingredients are evenly mixed.
Pour the oyster sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce. Then stir again and season with salt to taste, then stir again until evenly mixed
Enter the shrimp and mushrooms, and stir again briefly until evenly mixed.
Enter the leeks, carrots and cabbage that has been cut and then stir again briefly. Add another with fried silken tofu and stir again until the water content is reduced.
Add a bit of corn starch that thickens the sauce. Cook the back while stirring, until the ingredients had been mixed.
Yes, that’s the recipe sapo complete dish out tasty, delicious and nutritious for your family!

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