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Five Tip-Top Canary Islands Fine Dining Locations


The traditional cuisine of the Canary Islands is eclectic – and that’s putting it mildly. There’s a wide assortment of exotic fruit and vegetables, with sea food and fresh ocean fish thrown into the mix, as well as reinterpretations of classic courses, such as the baked potato. One popular island favourite, which any tourist ought to try out, is the Canarian wrinkly potatoes, or, as the locals will call them, the papasarrugadas. But that doesn’t mean the rich cuisine of these fabulous tourist islands either begins or stops at the papasarrugadas.If you happen to find yourself on the isles, there are enough restaurants, with a Mediterranean, fusion, international or even vegetarian, to keep even the most demanding foodie satisfied. Read on for our selection.

  • La Cazuela is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it’s awesome for those looking to sample traditionally Spanish food. It maybe small, but it’s terrace in perpetual blossom makes it incredibly chic. The place takes its name after a fresh or salted casserole dish, which youdefinitely need to sample, especially if you chance yourself in the area for a prolonged lunch.
  • Casa Roja boasts a great location, overlooking the elegant harbour in Puerto del Carmen, on Lanzarote. Rent out a villa in Playa Blanca via www.a1lanzarotevillas.com, then go out to eat at Casa Raja. You’ll be able to select your meal right from the fish tanks by the entranceand the freshness of the food will be one hundred per cent guaranteed. You’llalso be pretty sure you’re securing yourself the best possible tourist experience on Lanzarote.
  • Dulceri Vilaflor, in Tenerife, is the place to be fortourists with a sweet tooth. It’s situated in the spectacular landscape of the Parque Nacionalde lTeide. Stop over on your way there, or the way back and make sure you order a nice serving of the house specialty: la torta de almendra, a cake that combines almonds, freshly squeezed, zesty lemons and frothy eggs.
  • La Casa Creativais a hidden gem on La Go mera, the second smallest island of the Canaries. There are pastries, fresh fruit juices, homemade cakes and fluffy pastries to be had at the cafe upstairs (not tomention the tapas…). Downstairs, you’ll get to sample all the best in matter sof local cuisine, in a trèsposhenvironment.
  • La Cucinais a tiny Italian place, the best in the Canaries, situated in Puerto de Mogan, on the south-western coast of Gran Canaria. Don’t go there with a large group, but when you do get there, treat yourself to a traditional delight of pizza, with homemade tiramisu for dessert.

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