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Plan for Your Holiday Destinations in Less Time With Car Rental in Croatia


Stepping my foot on the soil of Croatia, a country that always lie among the top chosen locations for a perfect holiday has been always a dream for me. But, this time, I planned my trip without thinking a bit and I really don’t know from where to start and what to share as my experience has been a great one.

Believe me! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do in Croatia and how I should plan my trip. I had so many options like sailing around the famous Dalmatian shore, visit to the medieval towns, diving in the clear water of well known Adriatic Sea, have a visit to the fountains of Onofrio, experience the fashion scene, enjoy at the amazing street art museum or roam around the Dubrovnik’s cobblestone streets.

Croatia is a big country to explore and I have had a memorable holiday. At last, I made my long list of destinations to visit in Croatia. I visited this beautiful and vast island and started my trip with a visit to Dubrovnik. What can be expected from a chief vacation place like Dubrovnik? I walked through one of the two huge city gates that is a direct passage to Dubrovnik,nicknamed as a walled town. I stayed there in a guesthouse where I started my day with a strong cup of coffee. Then I walked towards the stairs which are available at every narrow lane and are a secret passage towards a beautiful hill or a cliff.I wish I could visit the old city during the night time because I like peaceful places without any crowd where I can enjoy the most with my poetry diary.

In whole of my journey, I was never far from relaxing at thebeaches when I was tired walking through its narrow beautiful streets with aunique landscape. I covered almost all of the locations in Dubrovnik with ease.You know, the best part I liked was the car rental facility which isavailable for 24 hours and that too for every location. At an affordable price,you get to travel to many places and that too keeping in consideration thewhole schedule of your vacation.

The thing that I feel sorry for is that I had a very less time to explore this beautiful place. The days I had decided for my vacation were very less and just passed by. I don’t know how? My nights and days just ended enjoying the local cuisine, relaxing and enjoying the Croatian wine for sure. But still had a great time and would like to explore the other regions of the Island. From now on, I will be counting on my time definitely to have a visit again. May be switching with my partner again to a romantic place in Croatia like Zagreb! Ok, Jokes apart, I want to seriously learn about the nature and character of the country.

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