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Wild Australia: Where You Need to Visit


Australia offers an incredibly varied and unique collection of wildlife and it is easy to understand why so many tourists want to visit and see the best that the continent has to offer. Seeing the wildlife in person can be incredibly thrilling, although many people don’t mind keeping some distance between them and a saltwater crocodile or one of the many incredibly venomous snakes that can be found throughout the country. The good news is that there’s no reason to delay that motorhome hire as there are plenty of options when it comes to seeing the type of wildlife that interests you most in The Land Down Under!

Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Tasmania is full of amazing parks and wilderness areas, and this smaller island is home to a wide number of truly unique and rare species, including the very famous Tasmanian devil. In addition to this, the park is also home to many of the most popular hard to find creatures that call Australia home including wombats or the very famous and often very hard to find duck-billed platypus. If you want to see wildlife in Tasmania, this is one park you shouldn’t miss.

Warrawee Reserve, Tasmania

Located in the small town of Latrobe that refers to itself as the unofficial “Platypus Capital of the World,” Warrawee Reserve gives guided tours that give you probably the best chance of catching a glimpse of platypus anywhere in all of Australia. If you want the experience of being able to see these amazing creatures in the wild, this is your best bet, and Latrobe is located just a mere 10 kilometers south of Devonport.

Murramarang National Park’s Pebbly Beach, New South Wales

This park is known for a wide array of popular local animals including the long-nosed potoroo, dozens of unique bird species, bandicoots, and even rare white wallabies. While all of these amazing animals would often be worth a trip in and of themselves, to add to this the beach itself is home to a large and very friendly kangaroo population that gives people the opportunity to see many of them up close.

One important note of warning: friendly and used to people isn’t the same as tame, and if you have food on you they might be more than a little insistent that you share anything that smells like lunch. Also take some time to look for the Eastern quoll, a relatively unknown animal by most people that is active, playful, and really catches the heart of the few people who get to see a few of them playing with one another in the wild.

The Great Barrier Reef

This might be a bit of a “Duh” answer, but if you want to see an incredible array of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the world, you want to visit this world-famous coral reef, especially as increasingly warm ocean waters are proving toxic to large parts of the reef. While there are many places to visit, the Queensland coastline is one of the best places to get a professional charter to take you out to this incredible place where you will see an aquatic wonderland of life.

The Scenic Rim, Queensland

This mountainous area has the full range of animals commonly associated with Australia like koalas, kangaroos, lyrebirds, and kangaroos, in addition to giant lizards called goannas as well as giant fruit bats. This is a truly unique ecosystem to check out.

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