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9 Useful Travel Tips For Greece


Greece is a top tourist destination in Europe. With fabulous islands and beaches, mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful landscapes, this country tops the list as a tourist destination not just in Europe but all over the world. Visiting Greece, the tourists need to keep a few things in minds to make the trip a fun and hassle-free experience.

The following are some tips that tourists need to keep in mind on their trip to Greece:


Greece is a major tourist destination and so planning a trip in advance is advisable. Booking air tickets and hotels in advance will help tourists save money and also get the best deals and best hotels in the region. Carrying the passport is a requirement while travelling to Greece. Citizens of some countries do not need a tourist visa while others can travel to Greece with a Schengen tourist visa that covers many parts of Europe. For a great experience try greek island hopping with Hostelbay, they are the best.

Food & Drink

Greece is known internationally for its food, as Greek food is popular all over the world. Famous bread, different varieties of cheese, food cooked in olive oil and various famous dishes like Moussaka, Gyros and Spanakopita are all popular with the tourists. Vegetarians also have many options because Greek cuisine uses many fruits and vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, aubergines and green beans. Honey and lemon are used extensively in the cuisine and Greek food is flavored with garlic, basil, olive oil, thyme, and fennel. There are plenty of non-vegetarian dishes and fish also plays an important role especially in the cuisine of the islands. Coffee in Greece is a treat and in the summers drinks like Frappe are very popular. Taverns with great musical ambiance specialize in drinks with Ouzo and Raki which are traditional Greek liquors.


Greeks are very used to tourists as tourism is a major part of the economy in Greece. Generally, speaking, Greeks are very friendly with tourists and provide directions to tourists asking for help. There might be a language barrier but most of the Greeks know some English and are ready to help tourists. Wi-Fi and internet are readily available in Greece and phone service in major cities and towns are quite good.


Greece is an economy that is mostly run on cash. This means that most transactions in Greece are done in cash, so tourists are advised to carry cash with them when traveling in Greece. ATMs are readily available in Greece. The currency of Greece is the Euro. Personal checks are not widely accepted in Greece.


Greece is a relatively safe country to travel and as lots of tourists visit this country, locals and tourists generally mingle well with each other. Petty thefts like pickpocketing is a problem in crowded tourist areas and so tourists need to be careful with their belonging in these areas. Keeping the valuables in the hotel safe makes sense and knowing emergency police and hospital information and contact details will help tourists if any mishap were to happen. Overall it is a safe country to visit and women travelers can also visit this country without safety issues.


Greece is a country that is known as a shopping destination. Shopping malls, kiosks, mini markets, gift shops, flea markets and traditional markets in the cities and islands of Greece sell beautiful merchandise. Tourists must allow some time on the trip just for shopping as shopping in Greece is quite an interesting experience.

Driving & Stray Animals

In Greece, drivers can be a little rash and Greeks tend to drive fast and aggressively. Tourists who are not used to this type of driving culture are advised not to rent a car in Greece and avoid driving on Greek roads. Also, stray animals like cats and dogs on the street are quite common in Greece.


Greek people smoke a lot more than people from other countries. There are smokers everywhere in Greece and non-smokers have to take that into consideration before traveling to Greece.

Greek Islands & Cities

Greece is a large country. Many tourists just visit the major cities in a hurried trip and do not get the full experience of a vacation in Greece. Visiting Greece takes time. It is a good idea to see the countryside, the islands, and the cities one at a time in Greece. Plan a trip only to the cities or only to the countryside and islands and spend at least a week in Greece at a time.


Tourism is an important element of the Greek economy and is encouraged by the government. Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities on the mainland are known as tourist destinations that showcase the culture, history, and architecture of Greece. Some islands like Mykonos have great nightlife and Santorini is one of the best islands in the world. Greece is a great choice for a vacation keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips.

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