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Tips and News How to Claim Compensation for a Delayed Flight?


Before we start to claim for compensation, we should find the cause of the delay first. If it happens due to unusual problems, there will be no compensation to be paid. So you have to know what kind of flight delay compensation is usually paid. The first is 2 or more hours delayed. You will get food and drink, access to phone calls and send emails, and the overnight accommodation if you have an overnight delay. All you have to do is just claim the vouchers from someone who works for the airline. If it does not work, you may keep the bill and try to claim it later. However, you may not get the claim for alcohol, expensive hotels, and expensive meals.

When the delay is more than 2 hours, you will get money compensation and what you can do is to find the airline website or call its customer services department. The next is about the flight delayed for 5 hours or more. Whether you do not need to take the flight, or you still can take the flight, the compensation on both of them is a little bit different.

First, if you do not take the flight, you will get a full refund of the flight or a full refund for another flight from the same airline, besides you will get food and drink, phone and email access, and accommodation if it is an overnight delay. All you have to do is just talk to someone from the airline as soon as possible if you decide not to take the flight.

When you decide to take the flight, you can claim up to €600 for the delay compensation, this depends on the distance and destination of your flight. However, do not wish to get the compensation if your flight is delayed due to bad weather. What if your flight is canceled? You will get the full refund and a replacement flight. You also have a legal right to get help with costs and compensation. All you have to do is contact the airlines. You will get the help from the airline’s customer services department. Write your claim and say what went wrong and what you expect from the airlines. You also have to prepare the copy of your tickets and the bill and keep the report. Take note of everything you have done.

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