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Cave Touring in France: A Fun Way to Explore History


Those who think France only has castles and wines, then you better think again. It is not only the perfect romantic get-away. It is also the haven of any history and adventure lover. So better, prepare those boots, jeans, and shirts and enter into numerous caves in France.

The Dordogne Region
This area in France is known for its prehistoric caves. It will never disappoint you so make sure you are prepared to get wet. However, it is highly recommended for you to find a vacation house because a week will never be enough to satisfy your craving for this place filled with natural beauty, great cuisine, fortifications, ancient castles, and prehistoric painted caves.

The Best Form of Transportation
The best way to explore the area is by hiring a car. You can find many companies offering these services from Toulouse, Bordeaux, Angouleme, or Limoges airport. From there, you can put your entire luggage and hop inside your chosen vehicle for an entire month of escapade in the beautiful area of Dordogne. Your children will be thrilled to join the ride with you because they will be seeing in person wonderful places that they only see in television and in print.

The Lascaux Caves
This may be replica of the original Lascaux Cave, which has been closed for protection, but you can’t help but admire the commitment of all those artists who meticulously copied the paintings. It remains absolutely gorgeous with the gorgeous rich black ochre and deep red tints used by the prehistoric humans. Interestingly, you will only see images of animals on the caves and no hint of flowers or plants in it.

The Cathedral of Crystal
This is visually stunning cavern. There is a unique way offered by the tourism administration to explore the place. You can take a ride on a suspended basket that is slowly lowered for you to enjoy the spectacular rock formations hidden in its midst. It is a treat for any nature lover and lover of unique adventure tours.

Gouffre de Padirac
The entrance to this cave will keep you in anticipation. It is a long and eerie journey by boat that will allow you to pass through a subterranean stream and variety of underground caverns that are filled with extraordinary rock formations. Take time to enjoy the site and the emotions you will experience through this trip and remember it for life.

There are numerous caves to explore in Dordogne. You will have an entire month enjoying each of these while indulging in their foi grass and truffles. It will be a very fulfilling journey you may even wish to stay longer in its midst.

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