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Rajasthan Cultural Tour – A rich way to explore the royal state


The land of the royalty, Rajasthan is a cultural epithet of India known for its glorious past and wondrous hospitality. An upholder of the country’s age old rich culture, customs and traditions, this medi state is a scintillating crown of its cultural civilization. A modern day tourist, in pursuit of heartwarming and hospitable India, turns towards Rajasthan in large numbers for an authentic and surreal cultural experience.

Apart from its geographical attractions, it’s the culture that pulls the visitor towards this royal state. It’s the culture here that has made this state inviting, appealing and welcoming. Even though the landscape here is dry and arid, it’s the rich and overwhelming culture here that has evolved as a great hook triggering the imagination of foreign travellers with its mighty hospitality standards. Imbibed into royalty, it’s the first and foremost mission of the state to make a tourist feel like home with the extended welcome towards them.

Every folk performance, food serving, heritage sightseeing, exotic safaris, wild safaris here resonates with the elaborate cultural ethos of the land. This jovial spirit of the land is always ready to provide a traveller with a seasoned cultural experience here. There are many ways here through which a tourist can embrace and experience the rich cultural roots of this destination.

The cultural extravaganza here begins right when a tourist reaches Jaipur, the state’s capital with a customary royal welcome. Here, tourists are garlanded and applied a vermillion dot on the forehead or Tilaka in colloquial language as a mark of royal reception and greeting. At the accommodation, tourists can easily spot the turbaned attendants or Khidmatgars for a devoted assistance throughout the stay. The employment of these attendants in modern times is sourced from the heritage of the land, where these devoted Khidmatgars served with dedication to the royal families of the state.

This kind of inviting cultural here is not limited within the purview of the hotels here. At every step in Rajasthan, tourists get to experience the same inviting levels of warmth. During the excursions here, tourists can easily take an advantage of sitting atop the royal elephants, camels and horses in its diverse landscape and derive the joys of royal legacy here.

Art is another platform where cultural roots of the state can be understood. More than a pastime, art in Rajasthan is an expression of a way of life. Here, tourists can find numerous interpretations of art forms. In fact, they have evolved as a genre in itself. Miniature paintings of Bundi, Bikaner and Jaipur and Wall murals of Shekhawati offer the glimpses of the Rajputana’s artistic glory.

The ancient cultural heritage here can also be experienced by viewing the folk art and performance. There are numerous folk customs and platforms through which tourists can reach the roots of cultural Rajasthan. Famous among them are Kalbeliya dance form, stick dance, colourful puppet performance and musical performance of Sarangi among many other cultural platforms.

The other most prominent way to experience the cultural splendour here is by participating in the jovial fairs and festivals. Etched in the celebrations, these festivals in India are colourful and loud affair expressing the excitement of the royal countryside. Normally, these fairs are associated with local festivals during which camel races, elephant polo, puppetry, folk performance and bizarre contests take the centre stage.
A traveller who wants the best of Rajasthan during incredible India holidays must book the tour during fairs and festivals for an even more exciting flavour to the vacations. It can be easily said that one of the best of incredible India holidays can be spent in great leisure during Rajasthan cultural tour.

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