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Croatia – The Sailing Destination That Will Make You Want to Come Back


When thinking of fun on the waters, lovely moments spent with your family on the boat, or a calming holiday that will last long in your memories, you are thinking – Croatian coast.

The coast that promises to fill these expectations without even a slight amount of disappointment.

While the list of things to see, and do, in this vacation destination may be endless – you should absolutely let your boat take you to the must-sees there.

Don’t leave your boat before you visit these cities in Croatia

While you probably started your sailing experience in Split, the starter location for boat – lovers, this certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all the other marvelous places in Croatia that can easily be reached by boat.

We, at Book2Sail – your favorite boat rental service, have our own favorite destinations in each country. The one we have picked in the engaging Croatia is Pula – a lovely town located on the southwest coast of Istria, a well – known Croatian region.

Its excellent location and pleasant climate make it one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. It is a city rich in history and culture, many tourist places. Overall, Pula is a place that fits people of all ages. Pula is a great starting base for sailing enthusiasts who want to explore the surrounding natural harbor and beautiful anchorages

The second on our list is the renowned, scenic city of Rovinj. This city, apart from being a pretty crowdy fishing port, is also a very famous for its architecture filled with exotic colored houses, a view that you shouldn’t miss on your sailing trip.

If you sense something is missing, it probably is the well-known city of Dubrovnik, the heart of Croatia. This most beautiful pearl of the Croatian seaside, as most tourists like to call it – is the most popular among the pearls of the Adriatic.  The buildings in the Renaissance style, the magnificent museums and lovely bars for the night-lovers are just few of the endless list of things you can see in this city of Dubrovnik.

Whether you are a more experienced sea and sailing enthusiast, or a starter – Croatia is always a good choice, and your family will be thankful for this great choice you made.

Book2Sail has the right boat for you

Renting a boat in Croatia is the best investment in your vacation, and there certainly isn’t a better way to get the most out of this seaside and those lovely city stops you just must see.

If you are still having doubts on how to pick the perfect boat for you, Book2Sail.com is the first and the last place for your boat rental in Croatia. The rich listing of boats at our site can make your decision harder, but our specialized team will help you choose the right boat for you in just few clicks, and this way – give you more time for daydreaming before heading to this lovely sailing destination.

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