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How to Cope Up With Battle In Jet Lag During Traveling To New York


There are various so-called solutions for the jet lag when you are traveling to New York or to other time zones from other countries. There are various antidotes available in the market that helps you to control the jet lag after reaching NY City. Even, in the market, you can get the homeopathic tablets and the new technologies like Valkee Brain Stimulation headset that are tested for reducing the affects of Jet lag by channeling some bright light in the brain through your ear canal. Most of the people who are traveling to NY City from other countries, there is different in the time zone. This can create lots of problems for the passengers.

There are various jet lag solutions available are developed for those travelers for flying across various places. The fatigue management team at the NASA in Houston is helping the astronauts who are going to the outer space for the training purposes. According to the management team, the trainees should fly to the international space agencies like Japan, Germany, and Russia to overcome the jet lag situation at least 2-3 times faster than the normal time. Anyone who has ever flitted to various time zone areas should have the clock that is able to adapt to the changes in the light-dark cycle. Some of the problems that occur at the time of jet lag are changed in the mood, gastrointestinal problems, and fatigue.

While flying to the NY CITY, everyone should take some of the measurements that should help in controlling the jet lag situations. For example, when you are going to Paris from Washington, you should sleep few nights before the flight. This will help you to cope up with the situations.

Time at New York

The actual time difference the time schedule in NY and Universal Time Coordinate, measured in the English Greenwich located near London is about 5 years that is later in NY. The time in the NY City is specified as the UTC-5. At the time of summer time between the months of April and October, the time zone at New York is called the “eastern Daylight time”. The clock is presented in the clock. The clock shift is for only the hours. The time shift between the NY and German Capital Berlin is about 6 hours. Thus, when you are traveling to NY from other countries, you should be very careful. The jet lag happens in various ways. If you are going to Las Vegas from the black jack, you have to pull back more three hours. The time at New York passes by various sights fast. All the flight slights will pass very quickly. This is applicable as you can pay less and travel more.

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