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Travel to Old Town: Tracing Ancestor Jakarta


Old Town is one area in Jakarta, precisely in Jakarta city into a tourist destination well-known history in the capital. Old Town This tour can give you a variety of historical value as well as the story behind the stands majestically Indonesia’s capital city now. In addition, the Old City could also be an attractive tourist destination to be used as a background image or hunting, as vintage or old-fashioned feel of the Dutch era that was there. No wonder the Old Town is often used as a backdrop for a photo session, pre wedding or yearbook photos.

Did you know that the Old City is one of the forerunner to the establishment of Jakarta right now. In addition to the Old Town, the port of Sunda also be the beginning of Indonesia’s capital city. Regions which stands on an area of 139 hectares is dominated by a variety of buildings with European and Chinese architecture that originated from the 17th century until the 20th century. Here, you can admire the architectural works of Dutch colonial buildings that still stands proudly until now.

Beginning of the story of the Old Town is an area established by the Dutch with the name of the City of Batavia. Batavia city stands on the territory named Jayakarta (now Jakarta) from 1527 until 1619. The city later became a Dutch colonial choice because of its location near the port of Banten Sultanate predictably named port of Sunda Kalapa. Batavia city was later dubbed as “The Pearl of the East” or who have a sense of “Pearl of the East” by James Cook, a famous explorer from England. He is fascinated with views of the city that owns the building and the layout resembles a beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. And indeed, the Dutch used to plan the City of Batavia as a copy of the Dutch capital.

Jayakarta were then attacked by the Dutch East India Company in 1620, renamed to Batavia and set the city center in the Old Town area. From there, once VOC control all activities, such as political activities, military and trade. Batavia city area also expanded to 846 acres from 139 acres. This area includes the city of Batavia Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Chinatown Glodok and Fish Market, but the city center itself is still in the area of the City Hall building and the Museum Fatahillah. It was only after the Japanese came and conquered Indonesia, Batavia name was changed to the city until now.

Travel to reminisce in the Old City jakarta

Here, you can learn the history of the city that was once departed from what is now the Old City. To enjoy a tour of Old City, you can walk around the region. If tired, you can also rent a bicycle old available here in order to be more exciting sightseeing trip. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the buildings architecture of the past here, yes! In the Old City area, there are six locations full of historical value that you must go. Among them are Sunda Kelapa Harbor, three main buildings in the Old City that Fatahillah Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Museum Wayang, and two other buildings that Mandiri Museum and City Railway Station.

If you want to dig deeper into the historical value of the Old City, you will most obliged to visit the Museum Fatahillah. Here, you can watch Jakarta’s history from prehistoric times to the city of Jakarta is still the Jayakarta. The museum building was formerly also functioned as a court room at the same dungeon, so you can see the ball ballast for prisoners here.

In addition to the six buildings, the Old Town tour, you should visit Tower Syahbandar or Uitkijk Post. This tower was once the point 0 or 0 km from the city of Jakarta, before being transferred to the National Monument in the 1980s. Today, Tower Syahbandar you can use to enjoy the view from the Old Town height.

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