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Ways to Save Money on Hiring Vehicles for a Holiday Getaway


Whether you’re taking a holiday or just want to get away with your partner for the weekend, hiring a vehicle is a good way to save wear and tear on your personal car and to splurge on a luxury or sporty model. However, sometimes rental cars can be expensive, so here are five tips for saving money when selecting a rental.

Take What Is in Abundance

There are some vehicles that the rental agency may have too many of and want to get off their lot. When searching for rental cars, call the agencies and ask if there are any models which they have too many of. While you may not be driving the car of your dreams, the rate can be dirt cheap. It is a good way to save money as long as they have a model that will fit your needs.

Pick up During Peak Hours

Try to schedule the pickup for a rental on Monday morning or late in the afternoon on Friday when the agency is at its busiest. They may not have your vehicle ready to be picked up, which could earn you a free upgrade, especially if you rent one of the cheapest models they have on the lot. Since most people are trying to find the cheapest way to hire a car, most of the cheap rentals will already be checked out so you will be more likely to get upgraded to a better vehicle.

Hire From Smaller Companies

Instead of always hiring a car from one of the large rental agencies, look for smaller local agencies from which to hire a vehicle. Some cities or countries have agencies that service the local area so you may be able to save more money with them than if you hired a vehicle from a large corporation. Some smaller car rental agencies such as Express Rent-a-car offer a large variety of vehicles and may advertise special rates in local newspapers or on their websites.

Search for Coupons

Rental companies of all sizes offer discounts and coupons online for attracting more business. If you Google the name of the rental agencies where you leave from or are going and add “discount” or “coupon,” you should find discounts that you can use on your trip. If you intend to drive to your destination, make sure to get a weekend or weekly rate instead of a daily rate when you look them up online.

Forget Airport Locations

If you’re flying into your destination, avoid hiring a vehicle from one of the rental agencies located at the airport. They often add on charges that agencies located away from the airport do not. Some rental agencies will deliver vehicles to the hotel where you’re staying or you can take a cab to the agency from the airport to get a significant savings on the cost of a vehicle.

If you do some shopping online before leaving on your holiday or weekend getaway, you can usually find discounts for hiring vehicles during your trip.

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