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5 vintage fashion destinations


We make five trips to the temples of European vintage. Today, with the help of the fashion blogger vintage lover and travel Marta Lopez, we focus on fashion for lovers of vintage clothing and second hand clothing, because all things have a second chance.

As a city museum tell us what is ancient and mysterious city, vintage stores to find them inform us of its history with fashion. To visit and have a good excuse is that these are small temples along the old continent offering you the chance to breathe its culture. If you love the retro style and do not mind getting lost in the streets of Europe, we invite you to go and see.

Garments with second chance in Prague
The term “buy vintage” is relatively new in this city, because under the Communist period, the garments were seen as a necessity in itself like facial hair removal, rather than a culture. Located in a low, Prague & Vintage Fashion Museum Store is a thrift store was the first to open its doors and your visit will not be wasted.

Most vintage Stockholm
With a familiar taste somewhat hippest streets east London, the first Beyond Retro born in the Swedish capital. This place is more like a warehouse of all kinds of accessories and retro clothing at very affordable prices. If you want original cherry red Dr. Martens boots, this is your place!

Fashion in the style of the French May
In the heart of the city of light, halfway between Rivoli and Le Marais, Free P Star shines like a cave in the middle of chaotic diamonds. Descend into the basement to let you wrap Paris by an atmosphere full of fashionistas in search of unique pieces. Among handbags, permanent hair removal and fur coats, you will return to France in May 68…

Most retro in Berlin
Among architectural style walls more rational and functional German, Humana is undoubtedly the greatest empire in the list. Spend an afternoon at Humana and help you through your shopping retro all global humanitarian organization. Surely you can find a purely vintage leather suitcase to take home your new treasures.

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