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Rome in winter


Whilst many people like to travel abroad during the summer months, and Rome is just one of the places that can become unbearably busy with the hoards of tourists, there are some that would tell you that Rome in winter is the place to be. When all the tourists return to the stresses and monotony of daily life for the winter, Rome becomes far quieter and more peaceful, and as well as the level of tourism in the city, you will also notice that there are various events on in the winter that should not be missed.

If you live in a room in Rome, or if you are just staying in Rome for a short vacation, you will notice that in the winter, the whole natural landscape of Rome begins to look different. If you take a walk through the parks and down the streets, you will see the plants turn from green to all kinds of autumnal gold’s and oranges, and if the winter months should bring snow, then you will certainly be able to enjoy a great winter wonderland that would not be possible for those living in all Paris apartments in France to experience in such beauty.

As well as the sights, you will find that the city is lower on the numbers of tourists, so if you want to visit any of the local attractions, you won’t find yourself waiting in line for the tourists in front of your to take their turn.

One of the magical things about Rome in winter is the transformation that it undergoes at Christmas time. As you can imagine, the locals will be busying about their own festivities, and you will find that the shops are just as crowded as anywhere else, as frantic shoppers rush around trying to get their last minute presents purchased, but this is one of the excitements of Christmas in Rome. You will be able to see all the cultural traditions of Rome at Christmas time in areas all over the city. Festive decorations and displays are visible throughout the city as well as Christmas markets and Christmas lights too. If you will be visiting at Christmas however, you may want to find a hotel that is a little further away from the city center. It gets very busy. And even if you can find a room, you can find that it is very noisy and not particularly the most relaxing of experiences. A hotel slightly out of the city center will be cheaper to stay in at Christmas and you will also find that it is less crowded too.

At Christmas time in Rome, you will notice that much of Rome stays open even on Christmas day and Boxing Day. The museums and galleries will close, but the bars and many shops do open on three days, so you will not be confined to your hotel room in order to join in with the winter fun.

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