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7 Reasons Why Jakarta Should be Your Next Holiday Destination


If are eyeing for Indonesia for your next holiday, you need to know that the country has a lot of places you can go. One of the best ones is Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. This is where all the fun is and if you are a free spirit person, you can never go wrong with Jakarta. It is a lively city with a 24-hour economy. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or a normal tourist, there is a lot to gain from this city. Many people from all over Indonesia and other parts of the continent come to this place and this has greatly boosted the tours and travel sector of the city. There is so much to love about this city and this article will give you reasons why you should choose Jakarta for your next visit. 

Numerous Hangout Spots

If you have been overwhelmed by work and you need a peaceful and enjoyable break, visiting Jakarta will do you good. The city has numerous hangout places where you can meet with some friends, make new ones and even do business. There is a big reason why people from Bandung, Bogo and Cilegon come to Jakarta to hang out. It is because of these beautiful spots that gives you a peaceful time to relieve your stress. You may choose to enjoy the best cup of coffee in Jakarta or participate in various social activities. Another way of spending time in the city is by going for fun activities at night in some of the best places in Jakarta. 

The Energetic Nightlife

You will not find a vibrant nightlife in many cities of Indonesia. However, with Jakarta, get ready for a lively experience. The city offers numerous opportunities for an energetic nightlife and favorite places like the Old Town and Monas. Here, you will get cafes and clubs that operate for 24-hours a day and the choices are endless. If you want to grab a cocktail or a late night meal, the place has everything you need and you can help but love this. The best thing about the nightlife in Jakarta is that it is decent such that anybody from couples to singles and families can enjoy it. 

Education Opportunities

The city also offers numerous educational opportunities for the locals and the foreigners. It hosts the best universities and public schools in the country. People from other parts of the country and beyond come to Jakarta for studies and this has opened many opportunities for businesses. If you are planning to stay a bit long in Jakarta Indonesia, you could take a short course and leave Jakarta better than you came. 

Furthermore, it is a home of pop culture and if you want to learn more about the history and the culture of Indonesia, this is the best place to be. It also hosts culture centers for other countries like Germany, Korea, Japan and more. The people here are amazing and they will be ready to teach you about their culture so that you can fit in during your stay in Jakarta.

Beautiful Scenes for Photos

If you love taking nature picture or just beautiful picture of you, then you have a good chance at the city. This is a complete home of different natural and artificial features that offers bliss for people who love photography. You can take street pictures that portray the old Dutch buildings built during the colonial time or pictures or luxurious hotels in this city. In short, there are numerous spots and famous places you can take pictures in Jakarta. These places portray the old life, the modern life, the nightlife and the diversity of the people who live here. 

The Delicious Food of Jakarta

Jakarta will spoil you with numerous food choices and you can never have food shortage. It has numerous restaurants of all kinds and sizes to fit your pocket. You can enjoy a nice meal in a luxurious hotel in the city or get authentic and delicious street food. Jakarta serves everyone based on how much they can afford. If you want Korean, Western or Japanese food, Jakarta restaurants and streets has got your covered. They offer all kinds of food and you can easily find a great hotel on social media. Furthermore, if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic when getting supplies, Jakarta offers you various delivery services.

Numerous Shopping Places

In Jakarta, you will come across numerous shopping centers and malls for your needs. Here, you can get almost everything you need during your visit. The choices and endless and you can also get an opportunity of living in one of the best hotels above the shopping malls. In Jakarta, you are not limited with the choice of what to buy. You can purchase clothes at Tanah Abang or Pasar Baru since these are the best markets known for selling affordable and quality clothes. 

Numerous Entertainment Places

If you visit Jakarta, get ready to get entertained. There are many entertainment spots and festivals you can enjoy during your holiday. Some of the famous places of entertainment like Dufan, Monas and Ancol are situated in Jakarta. If you have kids, you can take them to centers like Panisi or Kidzania for full entertainment and if you love karaoke, the restaurants in the malls will provide this kind of entertainment. Jakarta will give you any kind of entertainment you want according to your taste and as if that is not enough, you can easily access these places through the established transportation options like the train, buses and motor bikes. 

In Conclusion

There are endless thing to learn and do when you visit Jakarta. As the home of Indonesia, you are spoiled with numerous opportunities for enjoyment to complete your holiday. The city is overcrowded due to the many people who want to experience the life in Jakarta. However, the great reasons to be here outweighs the negatives. Therefore, when planning your holiday, put Jakarta at the top of your list. The city will give you positive experiences that you will live to enjoy. 

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