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Enjoy a Luxuriously Joyous Night out in Overnight Desert Safari


Dubai Desert Safari is surely an amazingly beautiful experience to remember and cherish for a lifetime, and all the fun activities let its guests relish the beauty of every moment spent. But if you feel that the ride from urbanized locations of Dubai to these sandy dunes alongside fun yet physically straining activities may slow down you a little, then Overnight Desert Safari is the best option for you to avail. Cool and cozy nights of the desert with the star- filled sky propel some calm waves of serenity and tranquility and you feel yourself in delightfully pleasant inside an utterly luxurious camp. This definitely is a great option to get away from the strenuous hustle and bustle of the busy urban life and to find a splendid comfort in the lavish desert oasis.

Exclusive Packages for Overnight Desert Safari

Ride from Dubai to the meeting camp, dune bashing, camel ride and other physical activities may turn a bit hectic for some. So, a number of different desert safari overnight deals come for rescue. And these deals definitely come with some great perks and affordable rates. Here are some of the available options to go for,

  • For a bunch of 4 people- 250 dirhams/ person
  • For a bunch of 6 people- 240 dirhams/ person
  • For a bunch of 12 people- 230 dirhams/ person
  • For a pack of more than 30 people- 220 dirhams/ person

So if you are planning to experience the magical wonders of the night in the desert, you can enjoy it by spending as low as 250 dirhams, along with a couple of your friends.

A Few Things to Consider in Overnight Desert Safari

Well, overnight desert safari is all about appreciating the striking beauty of nature and feeling the peace and calm it endures within. So, to fully enjoy your stay in the desert overnight, it is highly recommended to leave all your electronic devices back at home or your hotel room. Secondly, you won’t find any plug-ins to recharge, so it is better to keep electronics behind.

Another important thing to remember is that you must have as little luggage with you as possible (but do keep towels and necessary toiletries), as there won’t be any extra space available to keep your essentials, and you yourself must be free of any heavy stuff to spend your time freely.

Highlights of the Desert Safari

There are plenty of highlights comes under the above mentioned Overnight Desert Safari Dubai rates, including,

  • Pick up and Drop off
  • Breathtaking Places to take memorable pictures with your camera
  • Thrilling Dune bashing
  • Camel Ride
  • Unlimited availability of beverages
  • Entertaining Belly Performances
  • Exotic Tanura Show
  • Appetizing variety of Special Arabic BBQ, and a number vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes
  • Availability of separate toilets for ladies and gents
  • Comfortable sleeping bags
  • Delicious Breakfast in the morning along with coffee or tea

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